Deal! Mini Color Pinhole Camera Only $15.99

1/4" Mini Color CCTV CMOS Video Camera (Black)
1/4″ Mini Color CCTV CMOS Video Camera (Black)
List Price: $15.99
This TM-016 Mini Color CCTV CMOS Video Camera is the ideal choice for monitoring your business, home, and children! Its small size makes it ideal to conceal! It featuresAa 1/4-inch CMOS Sensor, 420 TV lines and is easy to set up! Just connect the camera to your TVs video input and plug in the power adapter!


  • Black design
  • Mini sized wired video camera
  • No audio
  • 1/4-inch CMOS Sensor
  • Signal System: NTSC
  • Pixel: NTSC: 510 x 492
  • Horizontal Definition: 420 TV Lines
  • LED switch: Auto
  • Minimum Illumination: 1.0 Lux/0 Lux (IR on)
  • AGC: Auto
  • Synchronization System: Internal
  • Horizontal Scanning Frequency: 15.734 KHz
  • Vertical Scanning Frequency: 60 Hz
  • S/N Ratio: ≥0.50 dB
  • Gamma Correction: ≥ 0.45
  • DC 8V, 500mA
  • 1 x 1 x 1-inches (H x W x D, approximate)

Mini Wireless Color Camera With Audio & Receiver

2.4 Ghz Mini Wireless Color Camera With Audio & Receiver
2.4 Ghz Mini Wireless Color Camera With Audio & Receiver
List Price: $39.95
WORLD’S SMALLEST 2.4GHzMICROSPYCAM! Complete Kit, Ready for Action out of the Box~Brand New! 2.4GHz carries more bandwidth for the video signal and results in accurate color and sharper pictures. Recommended for big houses, high-tech r/c toys, and more !!! ” NO QUESTION, The quality picture for this camera is SUPERB !!! ” * DESIGNED IN JAPAN w/ Built-in Sony/Toshiba Chips* The World’s Smallest Full Color SpyCam contains. – SpyCam miniature camera @ 2.4 Ghz – Receiver – Video Cable to Connect TV/VCR/Camcorder – 9 Volt Battery Adapter + FREE 9V Battery – Power DC Adapters for both the Camera + Receiver The Eyecam all-in-one color video camera is one of the world’s smallest color video cameras with built in transmitter available. The size of this camera is breaking new ground in aerial video surveillance technology and now starting at a low low price, you can have the coolest spy gadget in the world! Amazing! You can even attach it to your own project, and whether it’s being used for law enforcement, government agencies, military, or just private use, you’ll be satisfied with the superior image quality. These spy-cam carries more bandwidth for the video signal and results in accurate color and sharper pictures.

Basic Spy Essentials

2.4Ghz 3 Mini Spy Color Audio Camera RC420A + 3 CM203CWAS w/ Remote Control
2.4Ghz 3 Mini Spy Color Audio Camera RC420A + 3 CM203CWAS w/ Remote Control
List Price: $299.95 $129.95
New Page 3 Function: 1) 2.4G Locked Frequency Transmitter and Receiver. 2)Open Transmission Distance 500M 3) The receiver could be employed by infrared remote control. 3)Camera can output the Audio and Video Signal Synchronously 5)Can output two groups of Audio and video signal synchronously. 6)Can the display by TV, monitor or LCD TV and so on. Image sensor– 1/3Omni Vision CMOS Validity Pixel– PAL:628*582/NTCS: 510*492 Horizontal Definition– 320Line Visual Angel– 40?54? The range of adjusted focus– 0.1M Minimum illumination– 3LuxF1.2 Frequency– CH1:2.414GHz CH2:2.432GHz CH3:2.450GHz CH4;2.468GHz Delay time automatically to switch for receiver– 0.5~35Configure freely Open Transmission Distance– 100M Power– DC8V/200mA Work temperature– -10~+50 Size– 60*60*128mm Weight– 100g Use Range The product is cabinet and diaphanous It is convenient to and use It could be used in the supermarket, marketplace, residence, bar and so on to monitor. It could be also fit for the family with baby to worship. Caution: This product must be forbidden for the illegal use! Transmission and receiving frequencies: CH1: 2, 414MHz CH2: 2, 432MHz CH3: 2, 450MHz RC310A: Power adapter: 8V DC and 500mA Size: 79 x 65 x 25mm Weight: 118g CM203CWAS: Horizontal definition: 380 lines TV system: PAL and NTSC Validity pixel: PAL 628 x 582 NTSC: 510 x 492 Power adapter: 8V DC and 500mA Size: 35 x 25 x 53mm Weight: 45g RC420A Receiver 1pc. CM203CWAS 3pcs. Power Adapter 4 pcs. AV Cable 4pcs. Manual 1pc.

4 Channel DVR Video Capture Card Recorder w/ software
4 Channel DVR Video Capture Card Recorder w/ software
List Price: $149.95 $54.95
4 CH Audio Video Real time DVR Card 7204E Product Code:7204E Capture Card 1. Video Input: 4 Channels 2. Audio Input: 4 Channels 3. Display Rate: 120fps(NTSC), 100fps(PAL) 4. Recording Rate: 120fps(NTSC), 100fps(PAL) 5. Compression Format: H.264 6. Video Resolution: 320*240, 352*288 S/W 7. High Picture Quality, Support IE Browse, Watchdog function 8. Support PTZ, Alarm control, Real time display and record Video Input:4 Channel Video Input Audio Input:4 CH Audio input Fps per Card120fps/NTSC, 100fps/PAL Chipset: CONEXANT 23881, 10-bit ADC with 3D comb filterDisplay Screen:1 / 4 / 6 / 9 / 10 / 13 / 16 / 24 Full Screen Color Adjust: Adjustable Light, Contrast, Hue, Saturation by Individual Camera Resolution: 160X120 / 240X180 / 320X240 / 352X288 / 480X360 / 640X480 Record Mode: Continuous / Schedule Recording / Alarm Triggering Compression: Enhanced MPEG4 / H.264 Format, Frame Size: .1K~2.5K Multi-task: Monitoring / Recording / PTZ Control / Remote / Backup Motion Detect:16 Zone X Multi Area for each camera Storage: HDD / VDRAM / CD-RW / DAT / MO / ZIP / RAID. Up to 24 drives PTZ:RS422 / RS485 Controlled PTZ & Light / Power / Wiper Playback Speed: Forward / Back / Step / Fast 1X, 2X, 4x, 8X / Slow 1X, 1/2 X, 1/4 X, 1/8X User Right: Multi User with Personal User name/Password/User rights, Remote Users O.S.: Windows 2000/XP Water Mark: Water Mark , Not Editable & Not Replaceable Network: PSTN / ISDN / LAN / ADSL / Internet Remote: LAN & ADSL: Real Time In 320X240, PSTN: 5-25fps In QCIF IE Remote View: Remote Browse by MS Internet Explorer Remote Control: Full Function Remote Control & Remote Audio Transmission Remote Rec: Remote Playback, Remote Recording, & Emergency Recording Speed dome:Pelco-D / Pelco-P Protocols & Sequence E-map: electronic map that lays out the location of video camera (At Server)/ lays out the location of Server (At Client) Display Mask: Support Camera mask (Just not show on Screen), Password to Playback Recording Files Duplex Voice: Server & Client can talk by microphoneAlarmI/Oport: Support 4ch Alarm signal input & 4ch Relay output