Plug & Play AC Adapter Hidden Camera Review

Brickhouse Security, a leading provider of security solutions to consumers, businesses, and government entities, now offers its “Plug & Play” AC Adapter Hidden Camera. This handy device allows users to quickly set up a surveillance camera anywhere they have an available AC power outlet. Discreetly disguised as a common AC power adapter, anyone walking through the room will never notice what it really is.

Plug & Play: AC Adapter Hidden Camera

Plug & Play: AC Adapter Hidden Camera

How it Works

The AC Adapter Hidden Camera is comprised of a miniature video camera and DVR recorder which saves data to a Micro SD card. The card can be easily retrieved for viewing or transfer of data by simply opening the small cover and popping it out. Or it can be connected to any PC with a mini USB cable. Best of all, since it’s plugged directly into an AC outlet there’s never a need for batteries.

One of the best features of this spy cam device is the included motion detection technology. The camera detects any motion within its range and begins recording right away. Once the activity ceases, recording shuts off, maximizing the storage space on your SD card. This means you’ll only be recording what’s important rather than endless hours of no activity. Some of the other notable features include:

• sharp, high-res video
• easy wireless installation
• easy transfer of video with Micro SD card
• up to 32 hours of recording time on one card
• automatic overwrite function
• 78° viewing angle
• 720 x 480 @ 30fps recording resolution

The Pro Option

The standard package on the AC Adapter Hidden Camera is pretty significant on its own, but the Pro Option gives you even more flexibility. With the pro-option you can customize your recording settings in order to choose between motion detection recording and continuous, uninterrupted, 24-hour recording. In addition, all recorded files include a date and time stamp. With the Pro model you’ll also receive an infrared remote control, USB cable, AV cable, and a quick start guide. With free shipping and a 4 GB memory card included, you can’t go wrong.

Uses for the AC Adapter Hidden Camera

The Brickhouse AC Adapter Hidden Camera is ideal to keep track of your nanny, babysitters, and even your children – just to make sure they’re safe and out of trouble. Or perhaps you have contractors working in your home while you’re away at work. This hidden spy camera lets you know exactly what’s going on whenever you’re not there. It might even produce evidence that could be used against someone who successfully broke in.

At work, it’s a great way to find out if anyone is going through your desk or personal papers. If the boss is concerned about his employee’s activity when he’s away, he’ll always know what’s going on in his absence. And for the break room thief who enjoys stealing other people’s lunches from the fridge, this hidden camera is ready to catch him in the act. There are literally hundreds uses for this camera both at home and work.

Plug & Play: AC Adapter Hidden Camera

List Price: $350.0Price: $295.00

Product Overview: Records covert surveillance footage from what looks like an ordinary AC adapter User-friendly, Plug & Play Device; Internal DVR records directly onto a removable Micro SD Card, storing hours of video footage Easily playback video Features Motion-activated recording Mode; starts recording when movement is detected, saving you valuable storage space by capturing what’s important Power plug adapter spy cam records up to 32 hours of video on a single-overwrite cycle Easy-to-Use Video Recording Surveillance System Offers a Completely Covert Way to Capture Video The power plug adapter spy cam is an ultra-compact and portable, all-in-one covert video recording system. The cleverly designed AC Adapter houses a hidden camera and DVR; the built-in DVR records video directly onto the included Micro SD Card. All you have to do is plug the device into an electrical power outlet, insert the Micro SD Card into the AC Adapter w/ DVR Memory Card slot to start recording video.