FLIR SyncroIP 2.1MP HD Varifocal Outdoor PoE Dome IP Camera

FLIR SyncroIP 2.1MP HD Varifocal Outdoor PoE Dome IP Camera Customizable Home Security in a Vandal-Resistant DomeThe DNV14UX2R Varifocal IR Vandal Dome IP Camera features a rugged body designed to resist tampering and withstand harsh climates, making it perfect for outdoor surveillance applications. 1080p picture quality ensures that important details will be captured. For increased security, night vision up to 65 feet can capture high-quality imaging, even in complete darkness. THe DNV14UX2R is easy to install with power over ethernet (PoE) plug in, without the need for extra wires.Built-in features of the DNV14UX2R, such as the on-board microSD card backup option, gives this system the flexibility to store days or even weeks of security footage. Video compression options can also serve to conserve bandwidth and video storage space. Adjustable field of view helps users choose exactly which areas will need to be monitored for maximum security.

Brickcom 1 Megapixel PoE Cube Network Security Camera

Brickcom 1 Megapixel PoE Cube Network Security Camera This PoE-enabled network camera from Brickcom can be installed almost anywhere since it doesn't rely on standard AC power; any location where an Ethernet cable can reach can be monitored with professional precision. The unit's passive infrared sensor can detect the slightest movements, triggering recording so you never miss any important footage. Unique profile settings allow users to configure the device for specific environments tailored to the location. And, because its internet-connected, you can check in on your home or business from anywhere in world.

Sony SNC-EM600 Mini Dome PTZ IP Camera

Sony SNC-EM600 Mini Dome PTZ IP Camera Professional-Grade Surveillance With Built-In Varifocal LensSonys SNC-EM600 720p Mini Dome Network Camera delivers a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels via its Exmor CMOS image sensor. View-DR technology allows the cameras to achieve a wide dynamic range (up to 130 dB equivalent) and capture objects clearly and adaptively even under severe backlight or highlight conditions.DEPA advanced technologies allow you to trigger an alarm based on the rules you define. Plus, the cameras advanced intelligent video analytics are further enhanced with face detection and object removal/left behind functionality. The camera uses H.264 video compression for high, main, and baseline profiles, and a JPEG video codec, which optimizes storage space and bandwidth utilization. In low-light conditions, this camera achieves a 0.05 lux rating in color and a 0.04 lux rating in black and white (50 IRE @ 1/30 sec).With the ability to pan, tilt and zoom, this network camera will ensure that you have the coverage you need to protect your property from intruders. It comes with a built-in varifocal lens and powerful image stabilization to minimize the effect of camera shake or vibration. And you can view crisp video footage from anywhere in the world on any smartphone, tablet or PC.

Livewire GPS Vehicle Tracker

Livewire GPS Vehicle Tracker The Livewire is a GPS tracker that easily installs to a car's power source. With 1 minute location updates and an external antenna to maximize performance, this powerful hidden car tracker puts you in total control of individual vehicles or fleets. Perfect for tracking fleet vehicles, this best in class GPS device features improved accuracy, and it's designed specifically to make locating and routing vehicles as simple as possible.What sets the Livewire apart from similar hardwired trackers is its backup battery. Enjoy an unlimited power supply while the car is running and, when the car is off, it will continue to provide location information; ideal for recovering a vehicle if it's been stolen. The backup battery will last nearly 12 hours. This vehicle tracker runs on BrickHouse Security's exclusive GPS platform, giving you a full range of features. Through our easy to use platform, you're able to receive speed alerts via text or email if a vehicle exceeds any speed you select. And our new Rapid Track feature lets you switch to an even faster tracking speed for brief periods of time when you need it most (desktop and laptop use only).You can also set geofences, which send you an instant message the moment a vehicle enters or exits a predefined zone. Access highly detailed reports of a car or fleet's travel history, in addition to viewing the tracker's location in real time on three customizable map views. Access all of these features from any device with an internet connection, and check in on your vehicle location conveniently using the free, intuitive app. Once your tracker has been installed, it may take up to 24 hours for it to connect to Verizon and begin reporting. Also note that this unit does not track outside the US. BrickHouse Security does not support the illicit use of GPS tracking devices. This product is offered for the express purpose of securing personal or company property, and ensuring the safety of individuals with their consent.

Camscura Pro Hidden Camera

Camscura Pro Hidden Camera The sleek, slim Camscura Pro is roughly the size of a smartphone, and its nondescript appearance makes it easy to hide on a bookshelf as a standalone camera, or conceal it in a cereal box, behind a painting or almost anywhere else you can imagine. You can set this camera to begin recording when it detects motion, body heat, vibration or sound (does not record audio, per US federal regulations). Or select custom start/stop times when you know there will be activity in the room. Automatic day/night modes and a 90 degree field of view ensure that you'll always get the best shot. Record all of your footage to an SD card (up to 64GB, not included) for easy review on any Mac or PC. Put the power in your hands with the BrickHouse Camscura Pro Hidden Camera the redefinition of covert video surveillance.

RockCam Outdoor Hidden Cam with Bonus Battery

RockCam Outdoor Hidden Cam with Bonus Battery The high resolution Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Rock looks just like a rock, but features a high resolution camera and a DVR. What makes this surveillance system unique is the fact that it's completely covert and that the camera's DVR lasts an astounding 90 days on a single charge. Whether you set the camera to motion activation, or continuous recording, the DVR will record to a removable SD card for hours of recording. After you finish recording, viewing, transferring, and backing up your surveillance footage is as simple as plugging the SD card into your computer, or directly plugging the DVR into your PC's USB port. (Please be aware this device does not record or store audio, per US federal regulations)

MORzA PoE HD Security Dome Camera

MORzA PoE HD Security Dome Camera The BHS PoE HD Security Dome Camera provides a live stream of your home or office directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC. Setup is simple, requiring only an ethernet cable to provide both power and access to the internet. This vandal-proof camera is perfect for keeping an eye on your home or office while you're away. All video transmits in crystal-clear HD, and the BHS PoE HD Security Dome Camera features a wide field of view so you never miss an important shot.

AHD IR Bullet ICR Camera

AHD IR Bullet ICR Camera Pro Monitoring 24/7The AHD IR Bullet ICR Camera is perfect for monitoring high-risk areas of a home or business, including entryways and loading docks. This bullet security camera is cased in a special vandal-proof housing that makes it resistant to most forms of tampering, including direct and glancing blows to the body and lens. A special tool is required to access the inside of the camera housing, making it extremely difficult for intruders to make unwanted adjustments to the field of view. The housing is weatherproof, so the camera records even in stormy conditions, and it can function normally in a wide range of temperatures.In addition to the vandal-proof housing, the AHD IR Bullet ICR Camera comes with 48 IR LED lights to help illuminate its high-resolution filming in both dark and light conditions. The security camera's included 360-degree housing helps guarantee exactly the right angle for filming, making sure you always get the view you need of critical areas.

Medium Size Electronic Burglary Safe w/Alarm

Medium Size Electronic Burglary Safe w/Alarm This burglary safe offers great size and great safety. As an extra security feature, a code as well as the key must be used to open the safe. If someone enters the code incorrectly or attempts to tamper with the safe, a penalty alarm will sound, alerting everyone in the area. This safe's 110 dB alarm is about as loud as a car horn, so make sure to wear earplugs when you test it out.