Brickcom Megapixel Super Mini Network Cam

Brickcom Megapixel Super Mini Network Cam Keep an eye on the activities in your home or business with this miniature networked camera system. Each camera uses a high-resolution lens to capture images at an average of 30 frames per second for optimal clarity. This camera system can record images in color or in black and white. Two input cables and two output cables allow the collected images to be transferred to an external hard drive or uploaded into the cloud. Audio can be recorded at the same time as video. The system also supports two-way communication, making it functional as a video intercom. The included hardware makes it easy to install the camera onto any type of wall surface, including sheet rock, plaster, brick, or wood. Property owners can set up this surveillance unit to run on a specified schedule, turn on upon the detection of motion or be constantly collecting images from the surrounding line of vision.

GeoVision GV-BL3411 3MP Zoom WDR IR IP Bullet Cam

GeoVision GV-BL3411 3MP Zoom WDR IR IP Bullet Cam Outdoor Security Cam With Customizable Web InterfaceThe GV-BL3411 is designed for maximum outdoor security with high-powered night vision up to 165 ft., even in high-contrast situations featuring bright lights. Vandal-resistant body and climate tolerance maintains surveillance even in extreme conditions. Setup with power over ethernet (PoE) plug in is simple and motorized focus and zoom over Web interface allows for complete user control.The GV-BL3411 outdoor bullet cam is perfect for use in low-light or contrasty light settings where images are difficult to capture with traditional cameras.