Wireless Covert Button Camera w/Audio

Wireless Covert Button Camera w/Audio Mobile Recording Fit for ProfessionalsThis complete kit features everything needed for capturing and reviewing covert video on the go. The WiFi-enabled DVR allows you to control, view, and download your recorded files from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world. And, with the included button cam, you're able to capture high definition, 1080p video without a subject know they're being recorded. Perfect for secret shoppers, private investigators, law enforcement, and retail loss professionals, this pro-grade kit is guaranteed to get the footage you need. The device's long-life battery lasts for 180 minutes on a single charge, maximized through custom motion detection settings. This lightweight and easily portable device also features low-light recording and LED indicators for WiFi, power, charging, and recording. Through the free and intuitive app you're able to conveniently stream and manage all of your videos remotely. See for yourself why this kit is the choice of professionals.

Vivotek FE8174 5MP Fisheye IP Dome Camera

Vivotek FE8174 5MP Fisheye IP Dome Camera Pro-Grade Security From VivotekThe Vivotek FE8174 5MP Fisheye IP Dome Camera affords you complete control over your entire property due to its unique 360-degree design. Not only will you be impressed with the camera's panoramic view, but with its removable IR-cut filter, you see everything clearly, whether you need daytime or nighttime surveillance. This security device is compatible with a variety of storage cards, including MicroSD, SDHC or SDXC cards. Because the camera offers a 30 frame-per-second recording speed, you'll avoid dealing with lagging security footage. Plus, the camera can be controlled using an iPad app, so security personnel will always be updated when it comes to the safety of your home or business.

AC Adapter Hidden Camera

AC Adapter Hidden Camera Charge Your Phone While You Watch Your Home The Mini Power Adapter Hidden Camera does a lot more than charge your phone. This tiny, ultra-discreet device also houses a hidden camera capable of capturing 3-4 hours of motion-activated video. If you need to keep an eye on your home or office while you're away, this USB Power Adapter Hidden Camera records high-quality 720 x 480 video directly to its 4GB internal memory. And it's powered by a standard AC outlet, so you never have to worry about running out of battery. Take charge of your home or office surveillance with this easy-to-use hidden camera.

HD Waterproof Spy Watch Silver

HD Waterproof Spy Watch Silver This spy watch DVR looks and functions like a normal wristwatch, but it actually records HD 1280 x 960 resolution video from a hidden lens. This stylish waterproof watch features a pinhole lens that captures video or snaps pictures with the touch of a button. To view your footage, simply plug a USB cable into the watch's discreet USB port and review everything on a computer quickly and easily.Why the HD Waterproof Spy Watch?Rugged and waterproof go anywhere design3-in-1 design records video, audio, and takes photosThe quintessential piece of spy gearThis spy watch also doubles as a voice recorder; great for any personal notes you need to record on the go. It can even be used as a flash drive. You'll never lose your files when you wear them on your wrist.