Secur SP-1103 Mini Collapsible Storm Lantern

Secur SP-1103 Mini Collapsible Storm Lantern This multi-function flashlight and lantern is a technological marvel and an amazing value at its price. When expanded, it functions as a lantern with two power settings; when collapsed, it transforms into a powerful flashlight. The Mini Collapsible Storm Lantern is great for your glove compartment, trunk, toolbox, kitchen drawer or closet. It's ultra-compact and never needs batteries. Charge it in advance or crank its built-in dynamo generator on demand. All it takes is a minute of cranking to get it ready for use. It can also be conveniently charged via a computer USB port, car cigarette lighter adapter or AC adapter. It can even recharge your cell phones or other portable digital devices.

Secur SP-1100 Four-in-One Light & Power Bank

Secur SP-1100 Four-in-One Light & Power Bank Keep Charged Wherever You AreWhen you're on the go, this mobile charger ensures that your iPhone, iPad or other device stays fully charged. A magnetic base includes a lithium ion battery that powers the high output built-in flashlight. This system also powers an LED lantern to help keep your campsite or work area illuminated after dark. A flashing red emergency light helps attract attention to you in case you are in need of assistance.

Vandal-Proof Dome IP Network Camera

Vandal-Proof Dome IP Network Camera Let this durable, customizable dome camera be your go-to choice for home and business surveillance. The IP Network Camera provides adjustable resolution and FPS settings, beginning at 30 fps at 640 x 480 going all the way up to the incredibly detailed 8 fps at 2032 x 1920. No matter what you're looking to record, you can choose settings that work best for you. Pan, tilt, and zoom functionality allows you to zero in on a specific part of a frame for added detail, and a.05 lux rating enables this camera to record even in extreme low-light conditions.

Silent Pocket Bi-Fold Leather Wallet

Silent Pocket Bi-Fold Leather Wallet While you may think that your wallet is safe in your pocket, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) scanning can be used to obtain your personal information without ever touching your billfold. Protect yourself against identity theft with this high-quality RFID-blocking wallet. In addition to protecting your personal information, the stylish Silent Pocket Bi-Fold Leather Wallet features a classic flip-open design complete with three card slots on each side as well as large and small money pockets.