Adel Trinity 788 Fingerprint Door Lock Version 2

Adel Trinity 788 Fingerprint Door Lock Version 2 Protect your home or office with biometric levels of security with the reversible Trinity 788 Fingerprint Door Lock from ADEL. With simple installation, you're guaranteed professional-grade security in minutes. Three levels of entry: ultra-fast fingerprint scanning, passcode protection, and an emergency mechanical key give you multiple customizable ways to keep out unwanted entrants. This lock's reversible handle accommodates left or right opening doors and a solid metal construction resists breakage and vandalism. The lock itself operates on four included AA batteries, and features warning beeps and a red indicator light to let you know when the batteries are low. The Trinity 788 features an external 9 volt power input located on the bottom of the lock so if your battery is flat, all you have to do is take a 9 volt, touch the power input and you have power. Program up to 99 users quickly and easily, and elevate your home and business security to the 21st century with simple, affordable biometric technology.

Camscura WiFi Hidden Camera

Camscura WiFi Hidden Camera Covert Surveillance Anywhere in the WorldThe Camscura WiFi takes our revolutionary Camscura series of black box hidden cameras to a whole new level.Just connect this versatile hidden cam to your WiFi network and stream live HD video to your smartphone or tablet. Setup is simple with the free, intuitive iOS and Android app.You can also record and store your video directly to the camera via its SD card slot. It accepts up to 64GB cards (sold separately).The Camscura WiFi records in crystal clear 1280 x 720 HD resolution. And, with its 160-degree viewing angle you can capture the action in an entire room.Easily connect the Camscura WiFi to your network or set up a point-to-point (P2P) connection between your phone and the camera. P2P connectivity uses the camera as a WiFi hotspot, allowing you to stream video without the use of a router (perfect for loss prevention and business security applications).The Camscura WiFi is a great home and business surveillance tool because it never looks out of place in its environment. Just prop it on a desk or countertop, or hide it in almost any common household object - from a tissue box to a stuffed animal. Keep an eye on what matters most and prevent everything from shoplifting to elder abuse without arousing the suspicions of would-be criminals.The Camscura WiFi features a number of unique recording triggers. Set it to record as soon as it detects motion or sound in the room. You can also schedule recordings for pre-selected time periods, or choose to record continuously so you'll never miss a shot.