Stone Safe

Stone Safe Don't hide your key under a rock, hide your key in a rock! Face it, no matter how well organized you are, there will come a day when find yourself in the uncomfortable position of being locked out. Be prepared and avoid this dilemma by keeping a spare key hidden in our stone diversion safe. It looks like an ordinary rock but allows you to safely hide several keys inside of it.

LawMate Key Fob Style Voice Recorder

LawMate Key Fob Style Voice Recorder High Quality Recording on the GoWith up to 10 hours of recording battery life and 50 hours of standby time, the Key Fob Style Voice Recorder is perfect for recording conversations or keeping long lectures for later playback. Audio data is stored in a convenient MP3 format for easy file sharing and playback, and the recorder can function as an MP3 player if desired.This discreet recorder is easy to use and can even be voice activated for continuous recording, so you won't have to push a button. You'll store the information you need without disrupting a conversation and then enjoy easy playback at your convenience. In order to avoid consuming storage space on the device itself, files can easily be transferred to a computer or other device using the included USB cable. Files can then be deleted so that you can use your covert voice recorder again and again as needed. Just grab your keys, and you'll be ready for anything.

Ovi HD WiFi Clock Hidden Camera

Ovi HD WiFi Clock Hidden Camera Camera makes sophisticated remote home and office monitoring easy. This common-looking alarm clock is ready to record covert video right out of the box: simply install the intuitive app (for iOS and Android) and set the Ovi up on your network and you're able to see live streaming video of your property no matter where you are. Video resolution is an impressive 1080p HD at adjustable 30 or 60 frames per second. A 90-degree viewing angle can capture the better part of a room. Built-in IRs mean a 1 lux illumination, providing you with high-quality footage even in low-light conditions. Record continuously, or set the Ovi up to record based on motion. When motion is detected, you'll receive a push notification, letting you check in on your property when it matters most.This covert clock camera features 3 hours of battery life; but, it also runs on AC power, which lets you record continuously, live streaming your home or office wherever you are. Video can be recorded to an SD card (up to 32GB, not included) for easy review and transfer. When you need to monitor your property remotely, there's no better way than the Ovi HD WiFi Clock Hidden Camera.