Video Peephole Door Camera

Video Peephole Door Camera The Video Peephole Door Camera resembles an ordinary peephole. No one will suspect that they are being watched when pass by or approach your door.Connect the Video Peephole Door Camera to a recorder to keep track of who comes to your door and how often they return, or hook it up to your TV and you will never get up to see who is at the door, just switch channels and decide if you want to get the door.

TeddyCam Hidden Camera & DVR with Bonus Extra Battery

TeddyCam Hidden Camera & DVR with Bonus Extra Battery The high definition Xtreme Life Wireless Nanny Camera Teddy Bear looks just like a child's toy, but features a high resolution camera and a DVR. What makes this surveillance system unique is the fact that it's completely covert and that the camera's DVR lasts an astounding 1 year on a single charge. As a parent, you can capture everything going on in your child's playroom or bedroom while they're in the care of a nanny and get that peace of mind you need. Whether you set the camera to motion activation, or continuous recording, the DVR will record onto a removable SD card for hours of recording. After you finish recording, viewing, transferring, and backing up your surveillance footage is as simple as plugging the SD card into your computer, or directly plugging the DVR into your USB port. (Please be aware this device does not record or store audio, per US federal regulations)

4CH Defender Pro Sentinel DVR Kit w/4 Digital Wireless Cam

4CH Defender Pro Sentinel DVR Kit w/4 Digital Wireless Cam This pro grade surveillance system features all the elements you need to monitor your home and office. This package includes a 1TB capacity DVR capable of accommodating 4 or 8 full featured cameras. Control pan, tilt, and zoom functions with the DVR. And, on playback, regulate speed to easily and efficiently scan your footage for whatever you're looking for. Time and date stamping makes finding video easy. This kit also includes 4 wireless cameras and all of their necessary installation accessories. Record high quality video day and night. The cameras feature an array of IR LEDs capable of capturing video in the dark up to 100 ft. And, with a 750 ft. transmission distance, these wireless cameras can be installed for maximum coverage of any home or business. Protect your property with this full featured, easy to use surveillance system.