High Speed License Plate Cam

High Speed License Plate Cam This High Resolution License Plate Camera can zoom in to take photos of any car's license plate that enters your property. The next time a car enters your property without permission or you incur damage, you will have all the information you need to find the perpetrator. The License Plate Camera even has a 0.001 Lux and 40 high intensity Infrared LED lights, giving you enough nightvision power to record license plates in total darkness up to 50 feet away. You can use the remote control to zoom in up to 16 times and automatically refocus on a license plate, allowing you to see license plates up to 200 feet away.

Bird Feeder Hidden Cam & DVR w Bonus Battery

Bird Feeder Hidden Cam & DVR w Bonus Battery Take control of your property monitoring with this covert recording device hidden in a common-looking bird feeder. Featuring 1280 x 720 crystal clear resolution and a wide 140-degree field of view, this outdoor hidden camera is perfect for keeping an eye on the exterior of your home or business. Select the night vision model, which features invisible 940 IRs, for day and night monitoring. Choose from multiple recording modes including body heat activation and continuous recording to make sure you always get the right shot. All video is recorded to an SD card for simple transfer and review on any PC. And, with its durable weatherproof housing your camera is perfectly suited for covert outdoor surveillance. Protect your property and feed birds with this multi-functioning hidden camera.

SleekVu Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

SleekVu Hidden Camera Alarm Clock The SleekVu Hidden Camera Alarm Clock is more than just a name, combining a stylish design with all the functionality you need to capture important covert video. Record continuously or based on motion; great for monitoring a housekeeper, hotel cleaning staff, or a caregiver for your child or elderly parents. Motion activation maximizes battery life if you're using the SleekVu on the go, but because the clock also runs on AC power, when its plugged in, you never have to worry about it dying when you need it most. The SleekVu records full 1280 x 720 HD video to an SD card (up to 32GB, not included) for easy transfer to any PC. Time and date stamping on your video makes certain that you know when an event occurred, and a lack of indicator lights helps disguise the SleekVu as a normal everyday alarm clock. Keep an eye on your valuables with this covert alarm clock camera. (Please be aware this device does not record or store audio, per US federal regulations)

Westinghouse RTS-PZ Z-Wave Series PIN Lock

Westinghouse RTS-PZ Z-Wave Series PIN Lock Featuring innovative Z Wave communication technology, the RTS PZ PIN lock from Westinghouse can be easily integrated into any automation system. Control and configure your locks remotely; grant or deny access directly from your internet connected device. Even without an automation system, however, this lock can still be configured to lock and unlock at certain times, or allow access to certain users based on a schedule you set; perfect for a business with a large part time workforce. Assign unique PIN codes for up to 1,000 users. Easily download audit trails off of the lock via USB so, in the event of any illegal activity, you're able to aid police in any investigation by showing them who entered the building and when. This lock features professional grade durability ratings. With an IP56 rated housing, it is resistant to dust, humidity, and water; its heavy duty components are capable of handling over 2 million cycles. Running on batteries ensures that this lock won't quit in the event of power loss. The Westinghouse RTS PZ is a best in class smart lock for home, business, and government applications.