BV Smoke Detector with IRs

BV Smoke Detector with IRs The Zone Shield WiFi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera gives you an easy way to check in on your home or office directly from your smartphone, PC, or tablet. Choose from 2 models, side camera or top camera, so you're sure to get the right angle for your needs. No matter the angle, however, this remote view hidden camera captures high definition 720 x 1280 video, even in total darkness. This camera syncs quickly and easily into your WiFi network, allowing you to stream your video directly through its exclusive EZ SEE app. Choose from multiple recording modes, based on motion, a schedule, or have the camera recording continuously and monitor your property in real time. Disguised as a common smoke detector, this covert camera is perfect for keeping an eye on a nanny or caregiver, or covering blind spots in a store's surveillance system. Event notification alerts you when the hidden camera detects activity at your home or office.

Stella PTZ Digital Baby Video Monitor

Stella PTZ Digital Baby Video Monitor The Stella PTZ Digital Baby Video Monitor lets you view your pride and joy on a large, crystal clear 4.3 screen. Stella's whisper-quiet pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera adjusts without disturbing your baby, and its Smart LED volume level indicator ring and battery life of up to 36 hours ensures it won't shut down when you need it most. Rock your baby to sleep with three soothing lullabies, invisible night vision LEDs and its Talk to Baby intercom system. With so many handy features plus a 750ft digital wireless range, Stella makes doing more at naptime a breeze. When you find yourself multitasking you won't need to stop and recharge this monitor for up to 36 hours. PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) sets your monitor and your camera to sleep when there is no sound in the nursery, saving hours of valuable battery life. The second your baby makes a peep," the camera and the monitor will activate so you can see and hear exactly what's going on.