Z-Wave 60-Watt Equivalent Light Bulb

Z-Wave 60-Watt Equivalent Light Bulb Using industry-standard z-wave communication technology, this 60-watt light bulb integrates easily into MORzA home automation or other comparable systems. Take control of your home lighting right from your smartphone or computer; set lighting schedules so this smart bulb turns on at the right time every day, or make sure that you turned the light off when you're away from home. Using this smart light bulb makes it easier to protect your home when you're away on vacation by giving the illusion of someone being home. This durable light bulb lasts an impressive 22+ years on 3-hour a day average use and, because it also functions as a wireless repeater, you're able to space out your other z-wave device locations farther away from your control panel. With simple installation and easy integration, this smart light bulb really is a bright idea to have in any home or office.

Samsung SimpleView Baby Monitor

Samsung SimpleView Baby Monitor When you need to check on your baby, you don't have to worry about turning on the light in her room. The Samsung SimpleView baby monitor comes equipped with built-in LEDs that won't disturb your little one while you make sure she's safe and comfortable. Interference-free video allows you to see what your baby is up to while you're in another room, up to 800 feet away. Even if you're using wireless Internet or operating the microwave, the image quality will not decrease. Plus, the SimpleView's two-way intercom feature allows you to sing or talk to your child from anywhere - and hear her response.