Secur SP-1101 Dynamo Spotlight Lantern

Secur SP-1101 Dynamo Spotlight Lantern The ultimate lantern for all situations, the Secur SP-1101 Dynamo Spotlight Lantern is a flashlight, lantern and emergency light all in one. It features a 3 LED spotlight, a 10 LED lantern and a 5 red LED emergency light, all brilliantly high powered. Just charge using its built-in dynamo generator, or by an optional external solar panel (not included), eliminating the need for batteries. It can also be charged via a USB port from a computer, car lighter adapter, or an AC adapter.This lantern can even charge smartphones or other mobile devices using its USB port. The spotlight has 18 lumens of power and runs for up to 5.5 hours on a full charge, or 15 minutes after only one minute of cranking. The lantern power is 32 lumens and runs for up to 135 minutes on full charge. The red emergency lights run for up to 30 hours on full charge and 120 minutes after cranking for one minute, making the Secur SP-1101 Dynamo Spotlight Lantern exceptional for any situation.

Mobile Phone Hidden Camera

Mobile Phone Hidden Camera This normal looking smartphone is actually a hidden camera capable of recording hours of high definition 1080p video. Record instantly with the push of a button, or set to record based on motion or vibration so you're always prepared to capture covert footage. The lens is located in the top of this cell phone hidden camera, so no one will suspect that they're being recorded. Review your video right on the device, or easily transfer your files to your computer. The mobile hidden camera records to an SD card (up to 32GB, 2GB included). (Please be aware this device does not record or store audio, per US federal regulations)