Z-Wave 3-Way Wall Dimmer/Switch

Z-Wave 3-Way Wall Dimmer/Switch The Z-Wave 3-Way Wall Dimmer/Switch makes your old light switch seem like a relic of the past. After easy installation, this smart switch syncs with your Z-Wave Control Panel, allowing you to control your home's lighting directly from your PC, smartphone, or the control panel itself. Set schedules so your lights come on at a certain time, or to deter criminals when you're out of town. You can connect up to 3 other z-wave-enabled devices to be controlled by this switch. Turn lamps and other appliances on and off right from this smart switch. As an added bonus, this unit also acts as a wireless repeater, extending the range of your control panel's communication with other z-wave-enabled devices.

Firefield T300+ Tactical Flashlight

Firefield T300+ Tactical Flashlight This lightweight and compact tactical flashlight can be carried with you for added safety and security. You can also keep this slim flashlight in your toolbox or glove compartment for safety while on the go. A weatherproof and shockproof frame as well as a non-slip, diamond-pattern grip help keep the flashlight safely within your hands. A push button turns the flashlight on and off while 360-degree activation makes the light easy to operate under any conditions.

Venetian Bronze Kwikset 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt

Venetian Bronze Kwikset 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt Use the capacitive touchscreen of this keyless smart lock to secure your home. Establish up to 30 user codes, one for each family member or friend with access to your home, and up to one master code. Re-keying codes for new users takes only a few minutes, and Z-Wave remote monitoring allows the lock to communicate with the rest of your home security system. You will always be able to tell whether the door is locked. Full 128-bit encryption security keeps your lock safe, and side locking bar technology offers extra protection against techniques used on more traditional locks. Available in three finishes to fit the aesthetic of your home, the Kwikset 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt is designed to fit standard doors with no redrilling required. This smart lock comes with a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty for residential use, and its electronics are covered for one year. Rest easy knowing that your home is secure.

SV Xtreme Life Battery Operated WiFi Smoke Detector

SV Xtreme Life Battery Operated WiFi Smoke Detector The Xtreme Life WiFi Smoke Detector Night Vision Hidden Camera makes remote, wide-area surveillance simple. This hidden camera learns into your WiFi network almost immediately, allowing you to access a live feed of your home or office directly from any internet-connected device using the exclusive, intuitive app. This camera, disguised as a common-looking smoke detector, features a wide-angle 140-degree field of view as well as 1280 x 720 effective pixels, ensuring that you get everything in frame, and that everything is distinguishable, in any lighting conditions. Choose from multiple recording modes, including body heat activated, motion activated, or continuous, and always get the right shot while maximizing your device's battery life. Mobile notifications alert you the moment any action is detected. The Xtreme Life can last for 90 days in a single charge in standby mode, or 8 hours of continuous recording. Expandable onboard storage allows for a maximum of 64GB of additional SD card space, making this device perfect for gathering evidence in the event of a burglary or vandalism. Keep an eye on your home or business with this completely covert, simple surveillance solution.