Zone Shield DVR Alarm Clock Hidden Cam

Zone Shield DVR Alarm Clock Hidden Cam Disguised as an everyday alarm clock, this hidden camera and DVR records high definition, 128 0x720 video. Perfect for monitoring a nanny or caregiver, keeping an eye on your office while you're away, or covering blind spots in a business surveillance system, this hidden cam will never arouse the suspicion of whatever or whomever you're recording. With a .6 lux rating, the Alarm Clock Hidden Cam will capture video even in low-light conditions. All footage is recorded to an SD card (up to 32GB, 8GB included) for easy organization and review after the fact. Because this camera runs on common wall outlet power, you don't have to worry about the camera quitting when it should be gathering evidence. Set this hidden cam to record based on motion or to record continuously so you never miss an important moment.

Pro Grade Clear Hidden Camera Glasses

Pro Grade Clear Hidden Camera Glasses While they look like ordinary clear lens glasses, they actually contain a high resolution color camera. Connect these glasses to a portable body worn digital video recorder using the included RCA cable and you can record everything you see. The low power consumption rate allows you to capture hours of footage without changing batteries, perfect for covert surveillance when you and your subject are on the move. (Please be aware this device does not record or store audio, per US federal regulations)

LawMate 1080P HD Button Camera Set

LawMate 1080P HD Button Camera Set Hide HD Video Recording in Plain SightThe LawMate 1080P HD Button Camera Set has all the camera components you need to capture covert, high-definition video on the go. Simply pair the camera with any LawMate portable DVR and you're ready to record. This kit features multiple button covers so it can be easily fitted into any shirt and hidden in plain sight; all you have to do is slide the camera lens through a buttonhole, attach the cover and no one will notice your recording device. The camera's 78-degree field of view captures a wide area, and its 2MP lens offers crisp, clear footage. Perfect for law enforcement, professional and private investigators, secret shoppers and more, this LawMate hidden camera packs a full range of features in a small device.