FakeTV The FakeTV is a brilliantly simple anti-burglary device. Plugging into a standard AC outlet, this lighting unit replicates the patterns and movements of a 40" TV screen. When installed in a den or TV room, any burglar looking to rob your home will think you're there, watching TV. And, FakeTV consumes significantly less power than a standard TV, making it much more cost-effective than leaving lights or a TV on when you're not at home. A built-in timer adds to that efficiency, shutting the device off after a certain period of time.

D-Link DCS3010 HD Compact Box IP Camera

D-Link DCS3010 HD Compact Box IP Camera The D-Link DCS3010 HD Compact Box IP Camera is perfect for professional-grade indoor surveillance. This camera records in high definition at 1280 x 800-pixel resolution. With recording capabilities up to 30 frames per second, you'll enjoy quality surveillance footage without lag spikes and delays. This compact box IP camera also includes a power over Ethernet port, which allows you to plug the camera into your network and power it through a single cable, giving you the flexibility to install it almost anywhere.

Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger

Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger The Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger is a best-in-class, portable device powered by 2 AA batteries. Using its built-in magnetic mount, easily attach this logger to a vehicle and begin logging data instantly. The Tracking Key Pro features an expanded battery with 120 hours of active log time, which will yield up to two months of vehicle tracking on an average two hours per day drive time. When you're ready to view the data, just connect the unit to your computer (PC only) and view precise speed reports, routes traveled, as well as the frequency and duration of stops. Monitor business and personal vehicles with ease with the Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger

SleekVu 2.0 Hidden Camera Clock

SleekVu 2.0 Hidden Camera Clock Multimedia Playback and HD Hidden Recording in OneThe SleekVu 2.0 is so much more than a hidden camera alarm clock. While it features all of the functions of the best alarm clock cams, it also allows you to play back music, movies, photos, note files and more, all from its vibrant LCD screen. To the everyday observer, the SleekVu 2.0 may look like a normal alarm clock, making it the perfect disguise for covert recording. Use this device to monitor your office or your home without arousing the suspicion of any would-be criminal. Adjustable resolution lets you choose between 640 x 480 to preserve storage space, through full HD 1920 x 1080 for the most detailed video possible.The SleekVu 2.0 also houses IR LEDs for night vision recording. All footage is stored to a microSD card (up to 32GB, not included) for easy playback on any PC. You can also use the LCD screen to review your video directly on the the device. Run the SleekVu 2.0 on AC power for unlimited life, or use its 6-hour battery for emergency backup. The SleekVu 2.0 is a leap forward in both alarm clock hidden cameras and multimedia players.