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Secur SP-4001 Auto Emergency Tool

Secur SP-4001 Auto Emergency Tool The Secur SP-4001 Auto Emergency Tool is just what you need to stay safe when on the road or travelling. In addition to its hand crank-powered LED flashlight, which never needs batteries, it also includes an emergency window break tool and a seat belt cutter. The versatile SP-4001 even charges your cell phone or digital device via its USB output port. This model also includes a flashing red warning light, which could be the most essential tool of all if you're stranded on the road. Built-in magnets secure your light to your car's roof for emergency use. Be safe, not sorry. And don't hit the road without the SP-4001 Auto Emergency Tool.

Secur SP-2002 Digital Solar Dynamo NOAA Weather Radio

Secur SP-2002 Digital Solar Dynamo NOAA Weather Radio The Secur SP-2002 Digital Solar Dynamo NOAA Weather Radio alerts you of changing weather conditions in advance. In addition to standard AM/FM tuning, it connects to the Emergency Alert System (EAS), National Weather Radio (NWR) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) weather alerts. It's an indispensable tool for emergency preparedness while backpacking, camping, hunting, boating or fishing. This weather radio is hand crank-powered and can use solar power as well. It even lets you recharge your cell phones and digital devices while on the move. You can also charge the radio via USB, cigarette lighter adapter or AC power. And if you do get caught out in a storm, the SP-2002's rugged water resistant case will provide uninterrupted alerts when you need them most. If that's not enough, this versatile weather radio also includes a built-in 3 LED flashlight, a headphone jack, a telescoping antenna and a locking hanging ring. The Secur SP-2002 Digital Solar Dynamo NOAA Weather Radio is ideal for any outdoor adventure.

Secur SP-4002 Four-in-One Car Charger

Secur SP-4002 Four-in-One Car Charger Charge Your Phone and Be Prepared for AnythingYour cellphone will always be fully charged thanks to this convenient four-in-one car charger. Plug it into the car's cigarette lighter and use the USB port to charge your phone. This versatile charger also includes a high-powered LED flashlight to help you see in the dark. A flashing red emergency light can attract the attention of passersby if your vehicle breaks down while on the road. The removable power bank plugs into the flashlight base for convenience and portability.

Firefield T300+ Tactical Flashlight

Firefield T300+ Tactical Flashlight This lightweight and compact tactical flashlight can be carried with you for added safety and security. You can also keep this slim flashlight in your toolbox or glove compartment for safety while on the go. A weatherproof and shockproof frame as well as a non-slip, diamond-pattern grip help keep the flashlight safely within your hands. A push button turns the flashlight on and off while 360-degree activation makes the light easy to operate under any conditions.

Secur SP-3001 Mini Solar Cell Phone Charger

Secur SP-3001 Mini Solar Cell Phone Charger This emergency cell phone charger features a built-in solar panel and is compact enough to carry anywhere. All it takes to power up virtually any digital device is a little sunshine and a little time. The SP-3001 is ideal for charging cell phones, tablets, portable music players and more. Anything that can be charged via USB can be charged by the compact Mini Cell Phone Charger. The device can also be charged through its USB port, a car cigarette lighter adapter or an AC adapter.